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Development Update - October 2015                   

There is no mystery why Costa Rica continues to be at or near the top of desirable retirement locations in the world, year after year.  While there is instability in many parts of the world Costa Rica is a shining example of a stable democracy.  Political, economic, and social stability are of course extremely important considerations when choosing a retirement location.  Add in Costa Rica’s fabulous climate, amazing natural scenery, a reasonable cost of living, and a strong commitment to environmentalism, and the combination is hard to beat.  Costa Rica is a recognized leader in environmental protection and carbon gas reduction.  Its stated goal is to become the first carbon-neutral nation in the world, and its ambitious carbon recapture through forestation program is helping to move it toward that goal.  We at Vistas de Chirripo Country Estates are happy to be a small part of this program, reforesting our land while enjoying the side benefits that increased flora and fauna bring to everyday life.  We are also very excited to be the home of a new facility for environmental research and study, with York University of Toronto having started construction this year of an eco-campus that will also serve as a venue for seminars and lectures by experts in the field of sustainability and conservation.  The eco-campus is located at Vistas de Chirripo, directly across the river that forms our boundary with the Las Nubes nature preserve.  This is a wonderful addition to our community which, added to the nature preserve, will focus greater attention on our area and the desirability of our location.

Vistas de Chirripo is a thriving expat community in southern Costa Rica whose residents, permanent or seasonal, couldn’t be happier with their choice of destination.  This past year has seen more home construction, more residents, and an active residents association which has been instrumental in obtaining municipal government assistance for better roads and in making other improvements contributing to the pura vida lifestyle. Thank you for continuing to follow our progress as a developing community and please contact us for any more information or to arrange a visit to Vistas de Chirripo while we still have some amazing acreage-sized lots available in our Phase 2, ready for your new home.
Vistas de Chirripo
Vistas de Chirripo Phase 2
Vistas del Diquis
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