The Economy and Geography of Costa Rica make it a great place to live!

Costa Rica offers some of the most scenic, livable land anywhere, and the world is taking notice. In most parts of the country real estate is still very much a bargain compared to other favourable locations globally. Many foreigners who have purchased land here came as tourists and decided that this was the ideal spot for a retirement home or a seasonal home, or simply for a real estate investment with the possibility of residence in the future.

Costa Rica is a mountainous country in the tropical zone only 8 to 11 degrees north of the equator and you can choose your climate by the elevation you choose for your home. Finding real estate only a few hundred meters up from sea level can provide a very comfortable, temperate climate where neither air conditioning nor heating is required.

This is also a progressive nation, with a standard of living that greatly exceeds that of any other Central American country. Tourism is the primary driver of the economy, with well over 1 million tourists a year in a country of only 4 million residents. Agriculture (coffee, bananas, and pineapple are the main export products), light industry and technology are also major contributors.

Costa Ricans have not only had an enlightened approach to social issues but to the environment and tourism as well. This may well be the birthplace of eco-tourism. The government has devoted a high percentage of its national territory to the creation of national parks, with 27 national parks and many more protected reserves. Not far from our VISTAS DE CHIRRIPO development are 2 of those national parks, Chirripo and La Amistad.

With a low cost of living, favourable climate, robust economy and unsurpassed natural beauty Costa Rica offers real estate investment with great potential.


Want to know more about Costa Rica?  Lots to learn in the World Fact Book!

Vistas de Chirripo
Vistas de Chirripo Phase 2
Vistas del Diquis
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