Costa Rica – Brief Historical Overview

If you are seriously considering an investment in real estate in Costa Rica your research will tell you that this is truly an exceptional country. Political and social stability through Costa Rica's history set it apart from any other Central American country, contributing to its popularity as a tourist destination as well as steadily increasing real estate values. A long-standing democracy, the foundation of the modern era was established after a brief civil war in 1948. In 1949 Costa Rica abolished its army and since then has continued to thrive by placing its emphasis on spending for education and healthcare.

Democracy, peace, and personal liberty are the foundations of the nation. A large middle class, historically arising from a country of independent farm owners rather than farm workers, now contributes to its stability. Costa Rica has a high literacy rate, a universal health care system, and a high life expectancy rate. The people are generally hard-working, family-oriented, respectful of each other and friendly towards each other and foreigners alike. Settlers from many European countries have contributed to the diversity and tolerance within Costa Rican society.

It is likely the fact that so many citizens in Costa Rica are descendants of people who came here from Europe and elsewhere that explains why the government has historically been friendly to foreign investment. This positive attitude towards foreign investment can only be expected to continue. And there are no restrictions on foreign ownership of land, with the sole exception of beachfront areas. There is no capital gains tax on real estate at present, and property taxes are generally very low. Such a favourable real estate investment climate also distinguishes Costa Rica from many other countries that may offer a favourable geographical climate. It is no wonder then that there are more Americans, Canadians, and Europeans living in Costa Rica today than in any other country in Central America.

In recent history, real estate in Costa Rica has proven to be a very good investment.  All indications are that this will continue in the future.

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