Vistas de Chirripo – Sustainable Development in Costa Rica

The community we have started at Vistas de Chirripo Country Estates is attracting people who are interested in living in Costa Rica without negatively impacting the local ecosystem.

Stone carving of the Chirripo skyline at Vistas de Chirripo The land that we chose to develop had been largely cleared for pasture by a previous owner, and our planned development of homesites has been done without any cutting of trees and with minimal disruption of the natural terrain.  Our plan for low density housing throughout most of the development, with homesites spread over 300 acres and with large green areas as common preserve land,  has also involved extensive reforestation of the land, both natural and planted, thereby returning the land to its former natural beauty.  Primary rainforest that did exist along the Rio Penas Blancas passing through our development has not been disturbed in any way.  Our objective of a development with a very low environmental footprint, and in fact an improvement in the environmental condition of the land through reforestation, is rapidly being achieved.

 Rio Penas Blancas at Vistas de Chirripo The water system we developed for our residents, sourcing natural mountain springs in pristine Chirripo National Park, uses solely gravity feed into storage tanks and to our homesites – no electricity required!  This system was developed in conjunction with the Asada (water association) of the nearby community of  Santa Elena, and on completion of the project  all infrastructure was donated to the Asada for their administration.  All surplus water, of which there is a great deal, is now available for use in the local community of Santa Elena, which is at a lower elevation than Vistas de Chirripo.

 Home waste is recycled using approved home septic systems.  In this climate, and with the existing topography and soil conditions, a typical tank and field system is very environmentally efficient, rendering sewage hauling and disposal unnecessary.

 Restrictive covenants are in place, preventing industrial or commercial uses or further subdivision of the properties that are sold, protecting the natural environment as well as the investment of our property owners.

 The commitment we have made at Vistas de Chirripo is to re-establish and protect the natural beauty of this large parcel of land, while providing a sustainable development option for people who believe that living in Costa Rica can and should be possible without destroying the amazing flora and fauna.

Vistas de Chirripo
Vistas de Chirripo Phase 2
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