Building Lot Services at Vistas de Chirripo

Vistas de Chirripo entrance gate to a lot

All building lots within our Vistas de Chirripo Country Estates subdivision have pre-built services provided by the developer, included in the purchase price of the lot.  The services include water, electrical, roads, entrance gates and prepared building site.  Other services that are available include cellular coverage, garbage collection, lot maintenance and asisistance with construction projects.

  • A water service line to the housing site on the lot, supplying fresh mountain spring water piped from high in the mountains in Chirripo National Park. Our new water development project is complete, also supplying fresh water to the community below us, and the system is administered by the Santa Elena community water association, which charges a minimal monthly fee to users and will ensure continuing water availability and quality.
  • A new electricity service line to the front property line of the lot, providing electricity from ICE, the public electrical utility company in Costa Rica.
  • Construction of at least one level building site (plantel) on the lot, ready for home construction. Some lots have more than one prepared plantel.
  • Construction of an entrance road to the lot from the public road, and continuing to the plantel or plantels constructed on the lot, with grading and gravelling of the road surface.
  • Construction of an attractive and substantial entranceway gate at the intersection of the public road and the private entrance road, in the standard design used by the developer throughout the subdivision.

Cell phone and good internet coverage.

Selected reforestation has been done, to enhance the seclusion of the lots without detracting from the wonderfully open views.

Lot maintenance services are available at a reasonable cost.

Building assistance is also available. Custom homes of excellent quality construction are being built throughout the southern zone including Vistas de Chirripo, at costs that are a fraction of North American building costs. Ask us how we can help you with your planning and construction! We have experience in building in Costa Rica and we can help with your arrangements for municipal approvals, architectural planning, engineering, legal services, and building contractors, as well as providing supervision of the construction process. Many non-residents are building homes in Costa Rica, but selection of the right people is very important, just as it is in any other part of the world. If you prefer not to be involved in the building process and wish a turn-key completed home, we can also provide that service.

IN ADDITION all residents enjoy the common amenities of our development, including the fully-equipped rancho, the nature trails and the common river frontage. Check out our Common Preserve section for these amenities!

Vistas de Chirripo level building sites Vistas de Chirripo roads to building sites Vistas de Chirripo gravity fed water system Vistas de Chirripo quarry on site


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