Common Preserve at Vistas de Chirripo

VISTAS DE CHIRRIPO Country Estates developers have set aside a large common preserve, for the use and enjoyment of all residents, as the center-piece of the development. This 35 acre preserve is now owned and managed by an association comprised of all property owners within both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of Vistas de Chirripo.

Nature trails

Nature trails

The common preserve includes walking trails, including a trail down to the river (Rio Penas Blancas) and a nature trail along the river frontage. The preserve encompasses a 30 meter wide strip of land bordering most of the river in the development, over 2 km. in length, to allow for the common enjoyment of this untouched area by all residents. The riverfront has huge canopy trees, and across the river is the Las Nubes Rainforest preserve. There will be no development along the river, other than the nature trail and a rustic picnic area.


Stone carving

Stone carving refllecting the skyline

This is the signature piece of our common preserve – a large Indian stone carving, 15 feet in length, depicting the nearby mountain range from both sides. A carving of this size is a rare and precious find, and warrants being protected and surrounded by a common preserve.



Vistas de Chirripo Rancho

Our original development included a rancho structure, architect-designed, on the common preserve, with grand vistas of the mountains, valley, and river. Aside from viewing decks and general common area with tables, the rancho has been equipped with kitchen, bathroom, and barbeque facilities. It is now owned and managed by an association of all owners and serves as an attractive meeting place for our residents. In the vicinity of the rancho is a fruit orchard with a variety of tropical fruits, also for the common enjoyment of our residents.


Rental house

Vistas de Chirripo Rental HouseVistas de Chirripo Rental House

Also on the Common Preserve, near the rancho facility in a very picturesque setting, is a modest house that is available for rent by our owners while they are building their own homes, by guests of our owners, and by visitors to Vistas de Chirripo who wish to experience daily living in the development before deciding on a purchase.  Please contact us to make arrangements for your visit.


Looking past Vistas de Chirripo RanchoWaterfall descending into river30 m strip of common preserve along the Rio Penas Blancas

Vistas de Chirripo
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