Vistas de Chirripo Country Estates

Vistas de Chirripo Country EstatesVISTAS DE CHIRRIPO Country Estates is a residential development with beautiful properties for sale in Costa Rica, in a location that allows for a wonderful lifestyle for its residents. Vistas de Chirripo was designed to exist in harmony with its natural surroundings and with nearby communities.  Both our established Phase 1 and our developing Phase 2 truly reflect our development concept with large individual properties, sharing services and common amenities, in a naturally beautiful setting.  Residents in our community include both ex-patriots who have chosen to spend their retirement in Costa Rica and vacation property owners.

Vistas de Chirripo is a special place to live, especially for people who love nature and an outdoor lifestyle, considering:

 Development Sign at Vistas de Chirripo

Location - a spectacular setting, in the foothills of the Talamanca mountains 12 km. east of the city of San Isidro de el General in Perez Zeledon,  bordered to the west and north by shade-grown coffee farms and a new spa and wellness retreat centre, to the east by mountains covered in rainforest on preserve land, and to the south by a rushing river, the Rio Penas Blancas. Rio Penas Blancas at Vistas de ChirripoPreserve land is on the bordering Las Nubes Rainforest Preserve and Chirripo National Park, and our development is also within a designated biological corridor, the Alexander Skutch Biological Corridor. Its special location means that its surroundings will always be completely natural. Our building sites offer tremendous views of mountains, rainforest, and valley, and unbelievable star-gazing at night!

Climate – an extremely favourable climate, temperate year-round due to an ideal altitude of 1100 meters. Our daily high temperature is in the high 20's celsius (low 80's fahrenheit), with cooling in the evenings. With proper house designing for ventilation there is no need for air-conditioning, and we do not experience the high humidity associated with coastal living in the tropics;

Fresh Water - Vistas de Chirripo has a great fresh water source from mountain springs, fully legal, and managed by our local Asada.  With all the problems being experienced recently in many areas of the country, especially in the coastal areas, that do not have a "legal" water source and the corresponding difficulty in obtaining a building permit in those areas, our water supply is a major asset for Vistas de Chirripo and our residents;

 A building site with a view at Vistas de Chirripo

Environmental preservation – our development has not required tree clearing. In fact we have reforested land that had been cleared for pasture many years ago, restoring it to its natural state through both natural reforestation and selected planting of indigenous trees. All required permitting for building sites and roads was obtained, after a satisfactory environmental assessment. A 35 acre common preserve is the centrepiece of our development, with reforestation and with nature trails to primary rainforest along our bordering river. Our water source is pure mountain spring water, flowing by gravity alone to our storage tanks and to our homesites;

A Gardener's Paradise

A Gardener's Paradise

Outdoor Activities – include hiking on our nature trails exploring the rainforest, the river, waterfalls, and the nearby mountains in the Talamanca range including Mount Chirripo; biking on country roads and trails; horseback riding; bird watching (we are in the Alexander Skutch Biological Corridor for bird migration); gardening with an amazing variety of tropical plants; white water rafting; fishing; and we are only an hour from the Pacific Ocean beaches with swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing, and deep sea fishing; 

 Completed home at Vistas de Chirripo

Large properties – low density housing, for privacy and true nature surrounding your home, in our 300 acre development. Fully-serviced lots range in size from 6,500 square meters (1.6 acres) to 82,000 square meters (20.3 acres). Low property maintenance due to natural vegetation. Large prepared building sites can accommodate a guest house as well.

 Completed home at Vistas de Chirripo

Affordable pricing – starting at only $50,000. for fully titled properties with full services, our prices are much lower than property prices in many other areas of Costa Rica;

Reasonable building costs – Beautiful homes have been built and are under construction at Vistas de Chirripo, designed by local architects and incorporating outdoor living areas into the homes, with excellent quality construction by local builders at a fraction of North American building costs.

Nearby Services – While Vistas de Chirripo has the privacy of a country retreat in such a special setting, it is not remote in location - it is lesSan Isidro main squares than 30 minutes from all the services of the fast-growing city of San Isidro (pop. over 100,000) including a large hospital, private medical clinics with 24 hr. service, supermarkets, shopping malls and numerous independent shops, banks, ATM’s, insurance agencies, schools and universities, Spanish language schools, service stations and mechanics, a very nice selection of restaurants and bars, and a fantastic farmers market. Basic services, including groceries, are closer in nearby Santa Elena, a picturesque village in a coffee-producing area, only 3 km. from Vistas de Chirripo.  York University's environmental studies eco-campus, with occasional lectures open to the public, is located right in the Vistas de Chirripo development, and a new spa resort has opened only 2 km. away.  Numerous tropical beaches on the southern Pacific coast are within easy driving distance.

In addition our development offers the following services:

  • A good, all-season public road to the development, with 2 alternative routes from San Isidro;
  • Fully titled land, registered in the Costa Rica National Registry and without encumbrances;
  • Levelled building sites on each lot, ready for construction
  • Private development roads with excellent rock material surfacing, as well as entrance roads on each lot, completed to the building site;
  • Entranceway gates;
  • Mountain spring water piped to each building site, with maintenance of the water system by the local water association for Santa Elena;
  • Electricity provided to each lot;
  • Cell phone coverage and high-speed internet with fibre-optic cable installed in the development in 2019;
  • A large common preserve area including a common rancho facility for residents’ use, a rental guest house, a growing fruit orchard, and nature trails with access to the river and along the river frontage;
  • 2.3 km. of river frontage on the Rio Penas Blancas that rushes down from the Talamanca mountains, with common preserve land bordering the river.  There are also several creeks and natural springs throughout the development;
  • Lot maintenance services at a reasonable cost;
  • Building assistance on request.

All infrastructure work has been completed for Phase 2 of Vistas de Chirripo, and Phase 2 lots, with all of the same services and amenities as Phase 1 lots, are now available.

Vistas de Chirripo
Vistas de Chirripo Phase 2
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