Development Guidelines for Vistas de Chirripo


Vistas de Chirripo Development Guidelines

As this is a development of larger parcels of land, with considerable separation between building sites, some of the development restrictions that would normally be applied in an urban or higher-density setting are not necessary here. For example, there are no architectural controls on the style of housing. Diversity in housing styles is welcomed, and you are welcome to choose your own architect. We will recommend architects if asked. There are restrictions relating to the minimum size of a principal residence, the maximum height, and the finishing of all exterior surfaces.  Our few development restrictions are intended to protect the natural surroundings and the privacy and investment of our owners.

There are no restrictions on resale, and there are no time limitations on commencement or completion of construction of a residence.

Environmental concerns

  • No excavations are allowed which would affect the natural drainage of surface water onto other lots within the subdivision.
  • The discharge of waste material into any river, stream, creek, spring or water source is strictly prohibited. All residences must be serviced by an approved septic system to capture and properly dispose of human waste, and an approved system to capture and properly dispose of gray water.
  • Hunting is not permitted in any of the common preserve areas.
  • Owners are required to maintain their building site areas while vacant, in order to control the growth of any undesirable types of vegetation. Arrangements can be made through the developer for maintenance services.

Construction restrictions

New home under construction at Vistas de Chirripo

  • The owner must apply to the Municipality of Perez Zeledon for a building permit before commencement of construction of any building.
  • The owner is responsible for the cleaning of the building construction site throughout the building process.
  • There cannot be more than one principal residence and one guest residence constructed on each lot, unless the lot is sold with more than two developed building sites in which case an additional residence on each building site is permitted.
  • No further subdivision of the lots is permitted.
  • The principal residence shall have a finished area of not less than 90 square meters.
  • No building shall exceed 12 meters in height.
  • All concrete or wooden structures require a finished and painted surface on the exterior.

These few restrictions are included in the standard purchase and sale contract, and the developer is therefore able to ensure compliance by all owners by registration against title to each lot through the Public Registry.

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