Vistas del Diquis Photo Tour

The panoramic beauty of the views from the building sites at Vistas del Diquis does not fully come through in photos and videos.  Standing on the sites, surrounded by ocean, mountain and valley views, must be personally experienced, as must the wonderfully temperate climate and gentle ocean breezes.  These photos will however give you a glimpse of what to expect on a visit.  Please contact us to arrange your personal visit to see whether Vistas del Diquis is the ideal location for your new tropical home in Costa Rica.  We can help with your travel arrangements and our travel credit program will cover your travel expense should you choose to purchase one of our lots after your visit.  


the view from your infinity pool? Vistas del Diquis on-site sign blending of ocean into blue sky
Diquis delta view Vistas del Diquis Osa peninsula view Vistas del Diquis mountain view to the north
building sites on lots 1, 3 and 4 Looking back at semi-forested building site on lot 5 Vistas del Diquis awesome building site on lot 5
huge building site on lot 4 secluded building site on lot 2 Diquis delta
water drainage systems in place gravelled all-season entrance roads private entrance to building site
Vistas de Chirripo
Vistas de Chirripo Phase 2
Vistas del Diquis
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